Mar. 19th, 2017

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Originally posted by [ profile] calzephyr77 at Daylight Savings Time According to Father Knows Best
How's that first week of DST treating you, if you're in North America?

While we might find of DST as a modern curse and invention, it's history goes back a lot longer than you might think and was hilariously captured in this episode of Father Knows Best from 1950.
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If you have been reading my LJ for some time, you know about my love affair with the slow cooker - but, as of Friday, it has competition! Pressure cookers are all the rage right now with one pressure cooker to rule them all - the Instant Pot. People are losing their minds over this thing and rightly so. I went middle of the road and bought a Tupperware Microwave Pressure Cooker from my friend who sells the stuff. It's purple and for the cost, I could safely find out if I was a pressure cooker type person.

The pressure cooker itself is pretty heavy and durable. I read the instruction manual carefully and it was super easy to use. There is a slight hitch - our upstairs microwave was too powerful. It can only be used in 900 watt or lower microwaves. Fortunately the pot just barely fit in our 900 watt downstairs microwave. Why do we have an upstairs and downstairs microwave? Let's say it's the easiest way to marital bliss when you want to nuke hot dogs at 3am ;-)

I picked a soupy stew called Caldo Tlalpeno because it looked simple and straightforward. I couldn't find a single bulk hot pepper in the produce aisle, so I substituted taco seasoning to give it kick. Basically first you nuke the chicken and then you nuke the vegetables. Instead of a whole chicken like the recipe called for, I bought some chicken breast stir fry strips. I nuked them for 15 minutes - I would maybe do 10 next time as the chicken was a little rubbery coming out. But no doubt about it - it was cooked through! I nuked the vegetables for 5 minutes as suggested in the recipe, but I would use 10 minutes next time as the onions and carrots were still crunchy. Still, very filling and I have lots for lunch tomorrow!

Chicken vegetable soup stew made in my new #tupperware microwave pressure cooker! Worked really well and fast :)


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