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Gulls are really quite populous here in Alberta, a landlocked province in Canada. I enjoy them a lot :-) Here's a senior food inspector on patrol!

Food inspector on patrol! #bird #birds #gull #gulls #urbannature #urbanwildlife #nobody #profile #seagull #seagulls #nature #wildlife

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Aw, some sad news. On Disco's FB page it was revealed that he passed away back in January. If you haven't watched Disco's delightful videos, check them out.
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I think I have a posting routine figured out - if I post here and crosspost to LJ, then I can back it up with LJ Archive. But since DW forked off before a lot of LJ improvements were made, it's not so easy to add an Instagram!

I had to wait a while for my husband to pick me up, so I used just about every filter on every graphics program I had on my phone!

Birb! #weird #budgies #mirrorimage #picsaypro #rainbow #birds #budgerigar #parakeet #birb #cosmic #wellensittich #budgerigars #bored #overdone #mirrorimages #mirrorgram
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I was going to make a post about all the birds that have returned to the neighbourhood since mid-March but I was so busy with this and that.

Several pairs of crows are back, along with the sparrows and magpies. Last week I saw a tree with easily a dozen magpies. And maybe it was the same week but I saw either a pair of quail or Hungarian partridges run across the neighbour's lawn. They were pretty quick!

I haven't seen a magpie since Thursday though. When I came home from work on Thursday there was a freshly killed one on the front lawn, right by the sidewalk. I had hoped my husband would take care of the little body, but tomorrow I'll probably throw some dirt on him as it's rained and other critters have been at it. Crows were all about our yard on Friday morning.

I happened to look out the window later and for lack of a better word, about seven or eight magpies paid their respects to their fallen comrade. Then they flew across the road to the playing field and jumped and pecked at a lingering pile of snow. I don't know what they expected to find, but it seemed like grief or confusion to me.

I felt rather badly for the magpie. Sometimes magpies and crows get hit by cars while eating roadkill. However it happened didn't seem to leave my birds upset. We do have small raptors in the neighbourhood. Last month I saw a small raptor up by the rec centre. It was too dark to see what kind but he was sitting like a statue on top of a lamppost until a crow started harassing him.

Hopefully my next bird update will be far more positive!

Free Birds

Feb. 19th, 2017 06:19 am
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Spoilers ahead

Let me start by saying that children's movies, like children's books, are often very weird fare. Adults recognize the story gaps that go over children's heads and I don't know about anyone else, but they can be difficult to reconcile. For example, Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree was an extremely popular book when I was a child but it also has been scrutinized as being a tale of poor boundaries and co-dependence. Rather than overthinking the story, the problem just might be poor writing and production that invites comparison or confusion where none is intended. I think that's what happened to Free Birds - the one progressive part of the movie gets lost in the problematic parts and it just becomes a hot mess. To be honest, I also fell asleep in the middle of the movie and had to be nudged awake :-P

In a nutshell, it's about two time travelling turkeys, Reggie and Jake, who try to get turkey off the Thanksgiving dinner menu. They go back in time to the first Thanksgiving and encounter a bunch of wild turkeys who wear face paint and live underground to avoid capture by the pilgrims. Reggie falls in love with the chief's daughter, Jenny.

Perhaps it's a little unfair that Pixar has created such high standards for story and visuals in animated movies and the turkeys can barely clear this hurdle. Some of the animation was truly dreadful, such as Myles Standish's three dogs and the plasticity of the pilgrims. The character designers also seem to have mixed up Myles Standish with an Old West bounty hunter and the depiction of First Nations people isn't very respectful.

There are lots of laughs and the rivalry between Jake and Jenny's older brother Ranger is pretty funny. The parts where the turkeys are talking but are heard by humans as gobbling are hilarious! But the whole thing is so unevenly paced, incoherent and weird. There's even a turkey funeral which seems like an attempt to bring some emotion to the film...but unlike, say, Up, it comes across as out of place and patched on. The film is just full of weird stuff like that - one later scene flashes back to Jake's youth where he escaped from a factory farm. I hate to say it, but I have watched two hour Vine compilations more coherent than this movie :-D

There are so many messages in Free Birds that by the end of the movie, everything feels unresolved even though the turkeys are successful in changing Thanksgiving by turning it into a pizza party. Movies don't have to be this bad!
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I made a little Facebook page for my bird! It updates on Sundays and Wednesdays. Click the picture to visit and like.

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Originally posted by [ profile] calzephyr77 at A real whoooodunit!
Pardon for the terrible pun, but I couldn't help myself. I guess there's a murder case that has been dragging on since 2001 and there's a theory that an owl attack led to the death of the victim. Quite a fascinating read regardless! Here's the story on Audubon.
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Originally posted by [ profile] calzephyr77 at Greeting cards
I did a summer greeting card exchange with another LJ group and realized I hadn't shared here. These were a challenge to make - and I made five!

Brown sugar commercial cardstock
Pink copy paper
Vanilla cardstock and copy paper
Best Birds stamps and dies plus woodgrain background, Stampin Up
Flower border and walnut ink by Martha Stewart
Pink flowers with an old Sizzix die

I regret doing the flower border. The border isn't meant to be standalone, so I trimmed it from the piece of paper that I punched on. Uggghh! I hope the cards were well received!

And there was finally craft time! Made a bunch of cards for a community card exchange.

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I decided to clear some books out and try my luck at the second hand store for a buck or two - and decided to let go of a little square book by Annette Blaugrund, The Essential John James Audubon. Like many pre-Internet book purchases, this one was a must have for all the colour pictures. The amount of text is very small and is about Wikipedia article sized in length. Audubon's famous pictures are definitely what this book is about! I'm hoping I didn't pay the suggested $18.95 for this book, but I'm sure it can find a new home with another bird lover.
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We really liked the movie! Review to come...

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Originally posted by [ profile] calzephyr77 at Budgie colouring book :-D
Hi friends, I turned some of my photos of my birds past and present into a colouring book. You can purchase it as a PDF from my Etsy shop and print as many times as you like for personal use. It's 13 pages of budgie colouring fun :-)

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I had a fun weekend making lots of art. I cut paper, I sketched on the paper and I cut the paper some more! I made seven pictures in all and will be posting five of them this week. You can stay tuned on DeviantArt or Flickr.

Cockatiel Papercut

Tee Hee

Jan. 17th, 2016 12:53 pm
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Originally posted by [ profile] calzephyr77 at Tee Hee
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Mellow is the last budgie that I would call obnoxious, but she has been so obnoxious!

She developed a fascination with her reflection in the mirror and the craft cabinet and so very wants to meet that other bird. She's been running up and down the one perch and squashing herself between it and the food cup in order to get out.

This developed into a little flying routine where she would try to escape, flap to the lower perch then up to the main perch. Now she forgoes the escaping part and does a little circuit around the cage - down, up, across, down, up, across, down, up, across and the pattern of her wing flaps is so annoying. Flap, flap, fla-flap! Flap, flap, fla-flap!

It's driving Muffin and Feisty crazy, particularly Feisty, because every so often she pauses on the main perch to flap and scream while he's sitting there. Sometimes she lets go of the perch and hovers while flapping and screaming.

Mellow flew on the weekend. Mellow is not a good flyer. Is it sad that she never learned to fly? How is that possible? Her tumour makes it a little difficult and for the first five years of her life she was never let out of the cage because it was located in a hotel.

She flew a few times when we brought her home, but it was disastrous. Usually young budgies learn quickly to avoid walls - but not Mellow. She didn't have much motivation to fly until she met her reflection. Feisty used to sit on top of the cage and chirp encouragement, then he began to flap and scream it. It was kind of like when my husband tried to teach me how to drive ;)

Anyway, Mellow finally braved the open door and flew! Badly. I had to catch her after a while. She couldn't figure out how to get back in the cage. But I think she enjoyed her big adventure because she is still doing her little circuit. Now she over shoots the main perch just a little so she can gracefully land on it. It's never too late to learn! that I got out, how do I get in?  )

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X-posted to [ profile] birdlovers

If you're a Canadian, not so much if you are a turkey though! We've been going to a local historical park for Thanksgiving for several years. They serve a great meal at a great price with no fuss or muss. The setting is great!

This turkey was in the same pen as a beef cow, but he seemed a little lonely and liked people a lot. S/he even sang! I'm not sure I can eat turkey again :-D

Friendly Turkey
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Just a picture I put on Flickr and share on my art LJ - [ profile] purpleponyart. I love being able to spend more time on my photos with Lightroom - in 2012 that would not have been a reality at all. I just chose to edit the best while now I can edit hundreds at once :-)

One of the things that surprised me about California was how many pigeons there were - everywhere! More pigeons than gulls. They were often too fast to get a good picture.

Gull, San Francisco
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I took this picture the other week of Feisty, just before the fifth anniversary of when we adopted him from the humane society. Alas he was in the middle of a very hard moult, which shows. I found his papers recently too. It's so hard to believe - I had no expectations for his health when we got him, and he does have a tumour or something weird going on with him - his beak overgrows. I really have no idea how old he is, as he was an adult when we got him. He is still wild and untamed, but he's such a good budgie and so smart. He chows down on Zupreem and new foods and pushes Mellow out of the way for a lettuce bath. He's a very attentive spouse and preens Mellow every hour, it seems!

I suppose if I knew that I would be taking photos of him, I would have cleaned all of Muffin's powder off the mirror :-)

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I hope there's a lot more of the budgie than in the trailer!


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