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Aw, some sad news. On Disco's FB page it was revealed that he passed away back in January. If you haven't watched Disco's delightful videos, check them out.
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I think I have a posting routine figured out - if I post here and crosspost to LJ, then I can back it up with LJ Archive. But since DW forked off before a lot of LJ improvements were made, it's not so easy to add an Instagram!

I had to wait a while for my husband to pick me up, so I used just about every filter on every graphics program I had on my phone!

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Originally posted by [ profile] calzephyr77 at Budgie colouring book :-D
Hi friends, I turned some of my photos of my birds past and present into a colouring book. You can purchase it as a PDF from my Etsy shop and print as many times as you like for personal use. It's 13 pages of budgie colouring fun :-)

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Mellow is the last budgie that I would call obnoxious, but she has been so obnoxious!

She developed a fascination with her reflection in the mirror and the craft cabinet and so very wants to meet that other bird. She's been running up and down the one perch and squashing herself between it and the food cup in order to get out.

This developed into a little flying routine where she would try to escape, flap to the lower perch then up to the main perch. Now she forgoes the escaping part and does a little circuit around the cage - down, up, across, down, up, across, down, up, across and the pattern of her wing flaps is so annoying. Flap, flap, fla-flap! Flap, flap, fla-flap!

It's driving Muffin and Feisty crazy, particularly Feisty, because every so often she pauses on the main perch to flap and scream while he's sitting there. Sometimes she lets go of the perch and hovers while flapping and screaming.

Mellow flew on the weekend. Mellow is not a good flyer. Is it sad that she never learned to fly? How is that possible? Her tumour makes it a little difficult and for the first five years of her life she was never let out of the cage because it was located in a hotel.

She flew a few times when we brought her home, but it was disastrous. Usually young budgies learn quickly to avoid walls - but not Mellow. She didn't have much motivation to fly until she met her reflection. Feisty used to sit on top of the cage and chirp encouragement, then he began to flap and scream it. It was kind of like when my husband tried to teach me how to drive ;)

Anyway, Mellow finally braved the open door and flew! Badly. I had to catch her after a while. She couldn't figure out how to get back in the cage. But I think she enjoyed her big adventure because she is still doing her little circuit. Now she over shoots the main perch just a little so she can gracefully land on it. It's never too late to learn! that I got out, how do I get in?  )

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I took this picture the other week of Feisty, just before the fifth anniversary of when we adopted him from the humane society. Alas he was in the middle of a very hard moult, which shows. I found his papers recently too. It's so hard to believe - I had no expectations for his health when we got him, and he does have a tumour or something weird going on with him - his beak overgrows. I really have no idea how old he is, as he was an adult when we got him. He is still wild and untamed, but he's such a good budgie and so smart. He chows down on Zupreem and new foods and pushes Mellow out of the way for a lettuce bath. He's a very attentive spouse and preens Mellow every hour, it seems!

I suppose if I knew that I would be taking photos of him, I would have cleaned all of Muffin's powder off the mirror :-)

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I hope there's a lot more of the budgie than in the trailer!

Doh :-D

Jun. 7th, 2015 09:06 am
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Originally posted by [ profile] calzephyr77 at Doh :-D
I misread a friend's FB update as "galactic budgie" instead of "galactic bulge" and came up with this at midnight:

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Another picture down for the comic expo...although now I see I have to touch up the top part. I just bought a refill for my YROOOO marker, and that's where I exhausted it after trying to revive it with plain alcohol.

Love Budgies by calzephyr on DeviantArt

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Originally posted by [ profile] calzephyr77 at Smoking with budgies
Click for larger

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Here's a card I made for [ profile] thagirion :-D I was able to get cards to most people I had an address for...if you received one, let me know so I can share it.


Aug. 17th, 2014 10:13 am
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I don't know who drew this, but LOVE!!!

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Click for larger!

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Originally posted by [ profile] calzephyr77 at Budgie Budget
On the topic of budgeting, you don't know how many times I have typed budgie instead :-D



Mar. 8th, 2014 06:44 pm
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I love this new budgie blog! Someone kindly created an RSS feed for it so I can watch it on my friends list (I forgot that LJ could do that).

Originally posted by [ profile] coopers_corner at Cooper’s Day Off
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Occasionally I have been a prisoner of the parakeets - when quarantining Jill, I wasn't able to leave my office sometimes because he wouldn't go back into the cage!

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It's the Nyquil, I swear! My husband thought I was photoshopping (ahem, CorelDrawing) Vin Diesel on a My Little Pony. The font is called Antique Olive FS Nord and can be purchased for $12.
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This video takes a while to get going, and doesn't have the best composition, but I absolutely love the budgie swing and ferris wheel. This is the first time I have watched the video full screen, and was a little sad to see that their wings were clipped...but they they seem to be having so much fun!

Tee hee!

Mar. 21st, 2013 08:03 pm
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I have plenty of pictures like this - but never thought to caption one :-)

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I spotted this on a blog called Budgies Are Awesome. Everything is better with a budgie!


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