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Hi peeps, I will probably write more about this later, but I picked up some lasercuts this week. I found out that a local stationary store offers this service and it took some time to prepare the files as vectors. The paper is Stardream and I also had a sample made in real wood paper. They turned out great! I have a Pazzles die cutter (essentially a plotter with blade) and if the mat isn't sticky enough it tends to be a disaster.

The cost worked out to about $2 per piece and I appreciated the time it saved me!

I will probably make a few as 4x6" or 5x7" picture cards for the comic expo that I will be gearing up for pretty right quick!

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Another picture down for the comic expo...although now I see I have to touch up the top part. I just bought a refill for my YROOOO marker, and that's where I exhausted it after trying to revive it with plain alcohol.

Love Budgies by calzephyr on DeviantArt

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One of the lovely things about the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo is that they keep fans entertained all year with movie screenings down at The Plaza. The Plaza is Calgary's oldest theatre, a tiny little space tucked away in Kensington, but home to alternative events and movies new and old. Part of the admission goes to charity, so it's a good deal all around!

I was too young to see it the first time it came out and somehow I avoided it all these years on TV. Like many movies I missed when I came out, I was under the impression that they were somehow much worse than I could ever imagine. Take Rambo for instance - I though that it was going to be a bloodbath, but only one person gets killed. Of course, audiences have grown more sophisticated and things are not as shocking as they used to be. Somehow I was also ignorant of the fact that Johnny Depp is one of the teenagers!

I'm sure I must have seen some part on the news or in a commercial though because I remember at one point in my young life having an unnatural fear that the bathtub was going to open up :-D

Nightmare is surprisingly funny, a real chuckler. I get the feeling that the sassing, rebellious teenagers were more offensive than the violence at the time. I love how Nancy swears (it doesn't seem like she's good at it) and the effects really hold up well. There's something to be said for Nancy's mom too. There were parts were I jumped, so it's good to know that it can still have that effect on people :-)


Mar. 23rd, 2009 05:19 pm
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Our advance tickets for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo came. My friends [ profile] taeha and [ profile] raptoress will be there, and so should you!
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I had never heard of Mouse Guard until the comic expo, but I do love anything with adorable little mice in it, and for the longest time all people gave me was stuff with adorable little mice on it :-) These aren't the cutesy little Beatrix Potter type mice, though, they're hardy warriors, upholding honour, protecting the weak and uncovering a mystery. The illustrations are so rich and vivid, and I love the expressions on them - sometimes the best drawing is the simplest one. I can't wait until the next bunch are made into a collection.
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such as this one showing how Jim Zubkavich created a pin up for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. The guest list is very impressive this year - although a few years ago I might have been more excited about seeing Kevin Sorbo :-D And it's the week after class ends, so I won't have to miss it for soldering jump rings. I'll try to be a better patron of the local arts and order my tickets in advance this time :-D


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