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 I had the creepiest dream about an organ donation scheme a few days ago. It was one of those movie-length dreams where everything happened so effortlessly and seemed very true to life's, if by true to life I mean that the hair salon that just closed behind our house turned into a boutique craft store. It was more like a jewellery store with large glass display cases and spotlights. I made friends with the proprietor, a woman in an orange and black flowered dress who was a Hutterite or Mennonite. We talked about crafts and then we went out to get lunch at McDonalds, also in the same strip mall. 
Afterwards, we went to another store that looked like a Home Depot for pets. She had to go back to work, but I continued to walk around the store and soon discovered that it was a for-profit organ donation warehouse. The walls were light green and grey and the front of the store had big windows at the front. You lined up and checked out with your organ, picked from a shelf. All the staff had red and black polo shirts and were kind of tough looking! 
What did I buy? I bought a heart and some brain cells! I paid for my purchase, which was put in a paper bag. As I was sitting there I looked out the window and someone sitting at the bus stop in the distance dropped their organ. It rolled out of the paper bag and fell on the ground! 
When I looked away from the window, my bag was gone and the person next to me was talking to his mother. He was assuring her that he could pay his bills this month. I guess people who were there to donate organs went into a separate line. He was going to sell his organs and pay his debts. 
The staff had a switch over - new staff burst through the door and one had a guard dog on a short leash. I asked the man where my bag was and at first he said that he didn't know. 
I said something like "I paid a lot of money!" 
Then he admitted that my purchase had been docked the heart, but offered no further explanation.
The only reason I remember so much is that I woke up to go pee. Naturally I couldn't get back to sleep easily after that, so I wrote the details down on my phone and went for an early morning walk! 
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I have been meaning to jot down dreams lately because some of them have been movie like and strange...and of course I can't remember them now. But this morning I did dream that I was watching YouTube videos of a big palomino horse jumping ans performing the capriole and it waa amazing. Weirder, the horse's name was Extant Latte, which doesn't really make sense.

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The composter has been moved. A chorus of mice singing "It's a Small World" nor rapid scurrying did not greet me, thankfully. But the bird feeder has to go, at least for a while. Once I'm over this cold I'll see what natural pest deterrants I can find. Apparently spraying an area with bleach is one solution. I should have been a little more diligent in addressing this problem beforehand, but now it's reached the point where security trumps laziness.

I filled the bird feeder with Harrison's pellets - I bought the wrong size once and realized this only after opening the bag. I stuck it in the freezer and pulled it out when I ran out of bird seed. The sparrows don't seem to like it, but I tell ya, the mouse sure did! I just happened to look out the window while feeding the fids and he had crammed himself into one of the feeder compartments. He was like that for about five minutes more - and then he delicately made his way back down via the rose bush. I thought he might have scarpered up the pole, but the thorns were not a deterrant at all.

I had a dream this morning about mice actually - I dreamt that the mice were rolling tomatoes across the front lawn. Then they turned into ugly rats that were trying to eat through the screen door. Gah!


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