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I have been prepping for another craft show and it involved a lot of mundane stuff - labelling cards, packaging cards, sealing card envelopes, etc etc. One can only watch so much of The Vampire Diaries and 80s cartoons on Netflix before you just want something different and I was so intrigued to see Spirit Riding Free pop up. If you haven't watched it, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is a 2002 feature length animated movie starring Matt Damon as Spirit. I think it's one of the few movies to feature horses...there might be an animated Black Beauty somewhere, but if there is, I haven't watched it. There is very little connection to the movie other than it is set in the West, has a horse named Spirit and...yeah, that's about it. The reaction to the series has been quite passionate - my favourite was a FB comment that went something like "Young girls shouldn't fantasize about riding stallions" to folks posting long YT rants. It would be nice if they did make a sequel to Spirit, but I'm not sure how it could be done since movie Spirit's story is more or less complete.

I whipped through all six available episodes. My first instinct was that the animation looked really bad and cheap, but Aunt Cora won me over with her line "Why is everybody hugging? I haven't finished yelling yet!" in the first few minutes. The series starts out with Fortuna - Lucky to her friends and family - returning to the town where her father and mother met. Lucky's mother died somehow and the only clue we get is that she was a circus performer or trick rider. Eventually the animation grew on me because there were moments where it came across as beautiful. I think the lighting might be inconsistent.

Lucky soon makes friends with Pru and Abigail as she learns to ride a horse and adapt her city ways to country life. Although the stories aren't too in-depth, they are adventure packed and isn't just for girls. I laughed a lot, especially episode 6 where the girls plan a surprise party for Pru and it all goes sideways. I think it's exciting that there's a diverse cast too! Abigail is my favourite character because she's so sweet and innocent and tries to be a peacekeeper, but she's no doormat either. I'm looking forward to more of this series and maybe will pick up a toy or two.
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I have been meaning to jot down dreams lately because some of them have been movie like and strange...and of course I can't remember them now. But this morning I did dream that I was watching YouTube videos of a big palomino horse jumping ans performing the capriole and it waa amazing. Weirder, the horse's name was Extant Latte, which doesn't really make sense.

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I volunteered for a month in a MLP fan calendar being organized in the MLP Arena. It's available for $5 physical or as a PDF (not sure if the price is the same...rosierjay is organizing it). I just had to have October because it's my birth month, but I figured I also had to do a Halloween theme. Here Blossom, Twinkles the Cat and Brandy the Dog head on to a party at the Show Stable. Blossom is wearing the Best in the West pony wear package :-) 8.5x11" and made out of layers of paper, marker and PanPastel. I am always a little embarrassed by fan art, but was SUPER FUN to make :-)

MLP Fan Calendar - October 2016
by calzephyr on DeviantArt
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I mailed this off for a mail art exhibition today. An art movement called Papergirl Calgary is exchanging art with Papergirl Bristol. Apparently it has been advertised since April, but I only found out about it last  week. There will be another one as I accidentally cut the background off :D

Grey Ghost Horse Papercut by calzephyr on DeviantArt

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Originally posted by [ profile] purpleponyart at Draft Horse Team, Heritage Park
It's been forever since I took a horse photo, and I was not ready at all when these guys came by. We were at Heritage Park for the quilt festival and it was packed! It was really difficult to get good photos, but it was still a gorgeous place to spend a Saturday. See more pictures on Flickr.

Draft horse team, Heritage Park

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[ profile] kittymink has probably been here :-D

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I dialled things back a bit :-D


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All I wanted to make was this:


and some how I ended up with this:


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Finished just in the nick of time! I really missed doing a Christmas horse, and I'm just so pleased with how it turned out. Happy holidays peeps!

Christmas Horse 2013 by Calzephyr
Christmas Horse 2013, a photo by Calzephyr on Flickr.
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So it's been years since I have actively participating in collecting model horses, specifically Breyers, which used to be made in the US until the early 2000s when production moved to China. One of the last few models I bought was one of the treasure hunt Silvers (buy four, send in coupon for pegasus). I was breaking down the box for recycling when I noticed that there was handwritten Chinese script, written very neatly, on the flap of the box that would be hidden. I always regret not getting a picture of it (this being before I had a smartphone). I always wondered if it read "Help! I'm trapped in a box factory!".

Not that this story has anything to do with this, but you know. Writing is remembering, or forgetting, one of the two.

Originally posted by [ profile] calzephyr77 at Fakies Is Magic!
Spotted yesterday in the toy aisle of a grocery store...if there was a purple one, I would have bought it :-) Feel free to share.

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Livejournal recently had a Writer's Block question about things people collect...well, as you might have seen from my YouTube videos, I collect model horses. Many people think at first that model horses are like model cars, and while some people do enjoy repositioning, rehairing and repainting models, most of mine are straight out of the box!

In fact, I just unboxed this beautiful silver fella, Esprit, Breyer's 2010 World Equestrian Games model. I only get a couple of new models every year nowadays - with over 300 Breyer and Peter Stone horses, so space is a bit of a premium!

One of the many facets of showing model horses is photo showing. This is where you take pictures of your horse, find a show to enter (either online or snail mail) and wait for the results. They are fun to enter and I used to be really into it! I had a really poor camera though - an Olympus Mini. Now I have a great camera and no enthusiasm for photoshowing. Go figure!

I love Esprit so much that I just had to take some pictures and this one was my favourite.
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Practice ring
Originally uploaded by Calzephyr
A few photos from Spruce Meadows Masters competition - or at least, the day we went. We didn't see the actual show jumping :-D There is so much to do at Spruce Meadows besides that.
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I just have to repost this after spotting it on [ profile] sighthoundlady's LJ. It reminded me of one of my recent conference sessions with a great speaker who said "If you don't ask, you don't get!" and repeated it in a Suze Orman kind of way. She was all about using business language to build your career (ie, "get in the deal stream"). She said there were quite a few times where she was prepared to pay people more, but they didn't ask for more.

I have to point out, as a brunette, pay extra attention to the kids. Oh, and they have other commercials with great acting too...the kid with the truck is extra priceless!

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Canada Post has released two horse stamps featuring the Canadian and the Newfoundland pony. If you would like these stamps and don't live in Canada, just leave me a comment (which will be screened) and I'll mail them to you.
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I finally got around to watching a movie that I won at a model horse show last year - "The Princess Stallion". It's quite an unremarkable movie, but decent family fare for children that love horses. It's about a California teenager who, after her mother dies, goes to live with her father in Scotland. She discovers a stallion (with stallion bits too - I'm a stickler for accuracy ;-)) who loosely corresponds to an old legend about a "Princess Stallion" who waits for a princess every morning. I'll definitely be passing it on to another model horse show to be further enjoyed. The most interesting part for me is that the father, played by David Robb, is a mainstay in British television and voices Sirius Black in the Harry Potter video games.
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I haven't read any of these books (and YA horse books tend to be a little on the crum bum side these days) but it has a pretty cool real life story.

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My penpal sent me The Soul of a Horse and I enjoyed it very much. If you like horse books, or animal stories in general, you can't go wrong. The only thing that really wore on me was author Joe Camp's extremely folksy style, but I think he writes the way he talks, and I'm guessing he talks with lots of pauses. Joe is actually the writer, director and producer of the Benji movies.

What makes this book particularly interesting is that Joe came to own horses later in life than most people do. He and his wife, Kathleen, set out to learn as much about horses as possible, and were surprised by how much there was to learn, particularly when it came to natural horsemanship methods. They were really inspired by Monty Roberts. Some of the horsey techniques he writes about could easily apply to birds as well. For example, what truly makes a horse happy is not being under stress, which is tied to their flight instinct. Joe also reasons that horses have had millions of years of instinct to build on, whereas humans have only been intereacting with horses for a fraction of that time, and that horses must know what they're doing. One of the most eye opening chapters was about the wild horse hoof trim, and why horseshoes can be bad for hooves.

Joe believes that when you give a horse the choice to be with you, amazing things can happen. It's always delightful when an animal does something because they like you, not out of fear. That's no fun, you might as well amuse yourself with a wind up toy. Of course, Joe's lessons translate to the human world as well - no one likes to be pushed around after all. If a workplace really trusts in its employees, it will have happier employees and be successful...success at the cost of bullying people around just results in higher turnover ;-)


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