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Originally posted by [ profile] calzephyr77 at Daylight Savings Time According to Father Knows Best
How's that first week of DST treating you, if you're in North America?

While we might find of DST as a modern curse and invention, it's history goes back a lot longer than you might think and was hilariously captured in this episode of Father Knows Best from 1950.
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Originally posted by [ profile] calzephyr77 at Why Do People in Old Movies Talk Weird?
Not just old movies...but old time radio too! Watch this clip if you ever had this thought.

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Originally posted by [ profile] calzephyr77 at The Price of Fear

Many people are familiar with Vincent Price's TV and movie career, but I bet few would know that he was quite the OTR star back in the day, appearing on Escape, Suspense and The Saint. But even I didn't know that he had his own BBC produced series, The Price of Fear. Comprising 22 episodes, Price related a half hour tale of horror or mystery in the most personable way. It's like he's sitting at your kitchen table having a cup of coffee, which really sets it apart from more theatrical shows. I find that I really have to listen to the episodes because of this as they really are quite detailed!
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Originally posted by [ profile] calzephyr77 at August Heat - Suspense
It's 85 F in our house right now - I have no idea when I'll be able to get to bed. All the windows are open, two fans are blasting...and this scribbler is feeling pretty wilty!

Indulge then, in a weird tale presented by Suspense based on the 1910 short story by W.F. Harvey. According to Wikipedia, the show was broadcast on radio 3 times (all three episodes are available here):

The story has been adapted for radio three times: twice for the radio series Suspense in an adaptation by Mel Dinelli and produced/directed by William Spier (on May 31, 1945, starring Ronald Colman as Withencroft and Dennis Hoey as Atkinson, and on March 20, 1948, with Barry Kroeger as Withencroft and Dennis Hoey again as Atkinson) and once for Sleep No More on November 28, 1956 (with Nelson Olmsted reading an abridged version of the story).


Jul. 16th, 2009 09:46 am
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Listening to an episode of "This is Your FBI" from 1951 which contains a PSA about torture in Communist countries and a warning that "It can happen here." I have heard it before but haven't had a chance to transcribe it. Old Time Radio reminds me that in times like these, there have always been times like these.
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This is one of those rare times when I can say a movie is definitely waaaay better than the book. I was quite excited to pick up the graphic novel at the library, and it was great for a while, except...except...except...

Cut for minor spoilers )
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I so admire writers of old radio shows, particularly old eps of X-Minus One and Dimension X. In one half hour they make a better story than most TV shows that go on for five years :-) This story called Lulungameena manages to not date itself too much - it's big on character and not technobabble.


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