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It's kind of sad that Buzzfeed doesn't let you embed the results in a blog.


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A friend needs a couple of more answers for her bird quiz! The deets:

List as many birds as you know from memory. No looking in books, the internet or anything else. Just list as many birds that you know. There are no right or wrong answers as long as they are birds. Exctinct birds are also allowed. Comments will be screened (no cheating from the person above you)
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How could I not resist?

The Big Read )
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Yoinked from taeha )

Apparently these are the movies I'm supposed to like. I can only find 3 on the list that I've seen, but only because I'm not a huge movie watcher.
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[ profile] damewindhunde's is a lot better than mine...I never get the fun answers!

In 2008, calzephyr77 resolves to...
Tell my family about britcoms.
Spend more time with my birds.
Put fifty breyers a month into my savings account.
Volunteer to spend time with budgerigars.
Spend less time on slow-cooker.
Buy new library technicians.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

In 2008, purpleponyart resolves to...
Backup my morrowind regularly.
Spend less time on autumn.
Overcome my secret fear of libras.
Start a rem fund.
Give up writing.
Cut down on my reading.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
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Thanks Fozzie! )
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I haven't done these in a loooong while! Found through the Fabulous Ms. Fozzie :-)

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