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Aw, some sad news. On Disco's FB page it was revealed that he passed away back in January. If you haven't watched Disco's delightful videos, check them out.
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Loblaws is an Eastern Canadian supermarket chain - in Western Canada they are called Real Canadian Superstore (or Stupidstore - I hate shopping there!)

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Speaking of my super hot muffins, here's a potluck entry that didn't go so well on local news.

My favourite YouTube comment is: "I admire that woman, she messed up a recipe but instead of throwing it away she decided to torture people with it."

LMAO! Awww!

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Originally meant to be posted to [ profile] vintage_ads :-D

Back in the day Tim Horton's was mostly just coffee and donuts - now you can get lunch, soup, sandwiches and more fast :-D I think sometimes it was mostly a regional thing - I grew up in Western Canada where you were most likely to see Sir Donut and Robin's Donuts. Now you can't find either.

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It might surprise some to realize that Oscar Wilde wrote a few fairy tales in addition to his books and plays. A friend was looking for a tear jerker, so I suggested the animated version of The Happy Prince, narrated by Christopher Plummer. The only versions on YouTube are a little blurry, but it doesn't detract from the bittersweet tale of love and compassion.

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This is awesome...but caution, it's a bit of an earworm:

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[ profile] vintage_ads is having a hometown ad event, so I was pleased to share this gem!

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OK, here's an ad from where I have called home for the past 20 years. I guess when you've lived in a place that long, it becomes home. Why I never moved back to Edmonton is kind of a mystery, but I feel like a tourist when I visit now. My husband has lived here all his life and once shared with me one of his favourite childhood memories. Watch the video and then I'll tell you the rest of the story...

I accidentally crushed my husband's feelings when I discovered that "Hello Calgary" was not unique - although it was one of the first "Hello" spots used around the world in the 80s from the US to Toowomba. If you want to learn more about the Hello campaign, it was featured earlier on an episode of This American Life :-)
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I hope you can all see this video that I found on Facebook and fortunately found on YouTube. It's a HOOT! It makes Muffin whistle and squeak. My husband asked me what the heck I was watching :-D

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So, I saw the weirdest things on YouTube last night and it didn't involve the genre known as YTP or the latest Cyriak animation. Nope, this trip to weirdsville involves the officially sanctioned, poorly animated and illogically written children's cartoon. It's true that we've come a long way from the 80s, where a show featuring Mr. T as a bodyguard to a squad of gymnasts hit the air (it's notable for being Maurice Lamarr's debut voice acting gig). Did I mention they were cross country travelling, crime fighting gymnasts? Am I the only one that remembers this? Thankfully the Internet never forgets:

But wait, there's more! )
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I was able to find a couple of these on YouTube. Not sure if there are more :-D

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Get thee to YouTube to find clips!

Camp Gyno

Jul. 31st, 2013 09:51 pm
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Love that little girl!


Jun. 26th, 2013 08:19 am
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I just realized how many Hip songs are about water, or at least dangerous weather. No official video for this song, but it was always a favourite...Phantom Power is one of my favourite Hip albums, and it was mostly about weather.

Nautical Disaster...oof, 1990s videomaking!

AND OF COURSE...New Orleans Is Sinking. I have a ton of bootleg live versions - the Hip play a great live show and I regret missing them last year the Rotary fundraiser with 54-40. The "Killer Whale Tank" version is super righteous.

Gord Downie also got the water spot in this song featuring titans of socially conscious music, Midnight this song...

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So, a few years ago, the unimaginable happened and it made national headlines - Calgary voted in a Muslim mayor! Shocking, because despite Alberta being home to Canada's first mosque, and an amazingly diverse population, it's easy to be characterized as a bunch of rednecks with a big mall, a big rodeo and a big oily hole in the ground. A lifetime of living under this stereotype has its effects, so I think I'm justified in feeling a little smug these days. As if we were living in some strange, parallel universe, around the same time a few years ago, Toronto voted in the oafish Rob Ford. He has constantly been in news for bad behaviour, the latest of which alleges that he was caught on video smoking crack cocaine.

But, you don't have to take my word for it, here's our mayor, doing what he does best - simply being awesome!

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This video takes a while to get going, and doesn't have the best composition, but I absolutely love the budgie swing and ferris wheel. This is the first time I have watched the video full screen, and was a little sad to see that their wings were clipped...but they they seem to be having so much fun!

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This video was produced by the Savannah College of Art & Design (where [ profile] beerhorse graduated from recently) and was made with the appropriate permissions and whatnot. An excellent job, I think!


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