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Werewolf Tycoon is one of the silliest games I have played, but that's not saying much with how little opportunity I have to play games anymore! It's available for Android and iPhone and I only found out about it because of a bunch of tweets someone retweeted about fake game names. Someone pointed out that yes, Werewolf Tycoon did exist and of course I had to try it.

The game is simple to play and easy to master - eat the humans, don't let reporters take your photo and rack up boosts from briefcases. There's so much to like about Werewolf Tycoon from it's goofy music to it's retro style graphics, but it doesn't have a lot of long term playability or challenge once you've mastered it. The best part is all the jokey things in it, from bringing down a UFO to the newspaper headlines. But, once you exhaust those, there isn't much else to do.
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Admittedly last year Her Worship flubbed Toy Day. It's tough being mayor when you don't have anyone to guide you, even though Isabelle was as helpful as possible! This year Her Worship is going to make it the best Toy Day ever even if it means dressing up in an itchy Santa suit.

Celia wants something colourful and food.
Ruby wants a new instrument.
Agnes wants some yellow clothes.
Boomer wants a toy.
Shep wants something orange and a doll.
Robin wants food.
Alice wants a carpet that's green.
Deena wants a...
Apollo wants a piece of white furniture.
Frita wants pink clothes.

Hopefully the other animals will drop some more hints soon!
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Her Worship is a busy soul, what with visiting and learning from other municipalities and rezoning a piece of land on the East side of Burshire to make room for Harv's RV camp.

Even on a day like today, the Harvest Festival, which should have been carefree and relaxing, Her Worship was busting her butt helping Franklin prepare a four course meal. Of course it would have helped if Isabelle had reminded Her Worship to stock up on some of the different fish around town before today, but sometimes even the most diligent of assistants drop the ball now and then!

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Her Worship has been graced by the presence of Gracie the Giraffe frequently and very recently and each time the visit has sent her spinning in circles madly! Not even Isabelle's gentle encouragement could stop the sweating, panicking fear of not having the right items at the right time.

Gracie scolded Her Worship for her "fair to middling" fashion choices as she tried to throw together a rock n roll outfit at the last minute. With a dry denim skirt, Cafe tee and purple stripe tights, Her Worship still felt like a hot mess!

Her Worship has been cleaning out the Able Sisters since then to be better prepared for Gracie's next visit...which happened to be yesterday. Suddenly the accidental purchase of King Tut's mask wasn't such a bad idea! Her Worship hardly felt l'magnifiquewearing it along with a fall leaf shirt, zap boots and the purple stripe tights. Sweating bullets under the heavy mask, Gracie declared that the get up lacked focus but was still acceptable.

What will the last fashion check be? When will it be? Her Worship only knows that one more stands in the way of her and the T&T Emporium!

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Her Worship invites you to visit can visit Burshire in your dreams at 4200-6434-2514 to celebrate its grand opening!

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Like all things cute and innocent, I finally discovered Animal Crossing's dark secret. It lulls you into thinking that you have everything under control in your perfect little world filled with flowers and rainbows and then...then it taunts you by preying on two basic fears - the fear of loss and the fear of change. Yes!

I was in a total freak out mode on Sunday morning because I logged into the game and realized that I had StreetPassed an unwanted villager from someone else. It wasn't just any villager though, it was an ugly villager, Tabby.

I don't have a problem with ugly villagers. It was just the shock and horror that I was saving my last spot for a camping villager that made it a problem - and had I known that she was going to move in, I would have used the reset trick to make sure her house was in a decent spot. Instead her house landed too close to mine.

"Noooo!" I cried inside as my pre-breakfast, early morning brain could not handle these two facts. How? I had been so secure in the advice that random move-ins don't happen with nine villagers. BUT you can StreetPass a villager and indeed Tabby was from one of the people I StreetPassed at the mall the day before.

My husband rolled his eyes at my interminable complaints about the matter. "That's what you get for letting people like Biskit move out."

"But he wanted to move!"

Then, later:

"Why are you going to send a rotten pear to Tabby? Maybe she has a great personality. Did I marry a monster?" :D

There are no shortage of theories on how to get a villager to move out. One person suggests talking to them until their brain breaks. Others suggest not talking to them except for the first time while they are still unpacking. To be honest all these theories sound like schoolyard advice where you might as well spin around three times with your DS in front of a mirror!

Then there are the villagers that love that want to move and who may not tell you that you're moving, breaking your heart.

This is how the game messes with you!

So cruel Nintendo, so cruel.

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Due to the tireless efforts of Her Worship, Burshire has earned perfect town status! The fabled white Jacob's ladder appeared and then another! Her Worship hopes that she can keep it up for another week or so to earn the right to carry around a golden watering can. The Keep Burshire Beautiful town ordinance has really helped and the villagers are enthusiastic about it.

Being a mayor is hard work though and even though Her Worship enjoys visiting the island frequently, she swears that it's only to capture exotic fruit, fish and insects to pay for public works projects. No lounging around in the sun for Her Worship! Thanks to fellow mayors in Gumdrop, Starlite and Beeberry, the town's lighthouse and Brewster's Cafe have been able to open. Relationships are a huge part of Burshire's success and the Fruit Free Trade Agreement between the different villages ensure that everyone shares in economic success.

Burshire welcomed a new resident this week after the departure of a long time resident. Agnes the Pig comes from Hiralta and settled next to Sly. Originally she had planned to build her house right in front of Her Worship's, but a little NIMBYism and a couple resets later, Agnes chose to set up house next to Sly, the energetic crocodile. Agnes is the newest uchi to move in, right after the previous one, Rocket, moved out. Her Worship was upset that Rocket, who she thought was a good friend, decided to move without saying goodbye. Perhaps she just hates goodbyes...hopefully Rocket will visit again.

As butterflies and bees buzz around Burshire, so too did the news that Biskit the Dog decided to pull up stakes on the 21st. "Have a nice life!" Her Worship said, unable to say "Please stay!". Her Worship knew that if she didn't encourage this lazy villager to leave, he might never go on his own ;-)
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My husband rewired the entertainment centre on the weekend and we hooked the Game Cube back up for fun. We aren't the biggest gamers so we only had three games - Animal Crossing, Konami Arcade and Primal Fury.

Loading up Animal Crossing brought back so many memories! The last time it was played was October 25, 2007. All the houses had cockroaches and I was appalled at the extra house I used for storage hoarding. It was so full of random stuff!

Hoarder house

The first thing I noticed were the garish and saturated colours and the controls were horribly clunky. Typing letters was a real chore. "Why is the town called 'Ponyland'?" my husband said. Hee! There's weeds everywhere of course. The animals are considerably more ruder.

Talking to Twiggy

Thankfully Twiggy didn't mind waiting nine years to get his camera back. I had forgotten all the villagers except for Twiggy. There's Peaches, Bob, Paolo, Chevre and Kody. Heh, I changed Kody's catchphrase to something mildly naughty and I might play a bit to change it. I must not have liked him very much - the animals were definitely ruder in the original AC. My husband was so scandalized, but there's something about naughtiness and Animal Crossing that go so well together :D
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It's been an exciting week for Burshire residents as newcomers Sly and Celia put down roots in the village. Sly is an alligator and Celia is an eagle who looks like a cockatiel. As the tenth resident,  Celia will never want to leave. Hooray!

Now with the village at maximum occupancy, Her Worship has been mulling over the public works projects suggested by residents. Two projects, the lighthouse and cafe, are highly desirable but difficult to fund. If only the human residents were not so heavily in debt to Nook's Homes. It seems the consumer lifestyle has caught up with them!

Speaking of homes, Mr. Her Worship recently received a silver plaque from the Happy Home Academy who were wowed by his matching sets of furniture. 62000 points is mighty impressive! The main room went from random to show home with the Pave suite. Her Worship is a little frowny over the fact that it has been a struggle to reach 40000 with three different styles of furniture in the main room.

Surely Her Worship will not have to worry much longer as the HHA model homes row now has many model homes with pieces she can order to complete her sets.

Lastly, the human residents of Burshire won the second ever fishing tourney. It was a lot of work, just ask Chip, the judge who had to eat each entry. Her Worship took home the first place trophy, naturally!

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Today Burshire is positively Dullsville after yesterday's vibrant Festivale celebration. Magical, multicoloured confetti fell from the sky and appeared to have a hallucinogenic effect on the villagers. They danced, sang and shook their booties gleefully all day long, hardly stopping even to talk to Her Worship!

Festivale meant a special visitor, the flamboyant Pave Peacock, who took up his hip thrusting and tail waving in the town plaza. Her Worship would have liked to take part in the festivities, but she was busy being a slave to Pave's demands for certain colours of feathers, often changing his mind whenever she left the village. At least for her efforts Her Worship was rewarded with a complete set of Pave furniture, but Her Worship wonders if her evening could have been better well spent!

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Burshire is a bustling little place. A shoe store opened on main street although the selection isn't very good. The museum expansion was recently completed and Her Worship is pretty happy about being able to get all those warbloids out of the basement! The fund raising effort took forever!

The train station is broken alas so Her Worship hasn't been able to visit other towns lately though. Apparently it's a problem with the port forwarding protocol that has put the rail system offline. IT is "working on it".

Yesterday the town said goodbye to one of its more colourful residents, Cobb. Cobb never really fit into the village despite his enthusiasm for fitness and personal improvement. In spite of his friendly nature, he often said awkward and gross things and was a constant thorn in the side of Her Worship. The turning point was when he started calling everyone "jerkface". Cobb knew he had to leave then.

The other human resident of Burshire accused the Mayor of being speciest because Cobb was a pig, but all she wanted to do was to be able to bury fruit without being called "ladybro" ALL THE TIME. His last message mentioned that he was grateful for all the "sweaty memories" he made in Burshire.

The site of Cobb's former home will soon be home to a permanent campsite, which will NOT be named after him.

Here are some memorable moments from Cobb's stay in Burshire: )
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It's been about a month, but my little town of Burshire is growing. The main street has the shoe store and the salon is being built right now. Club LOL moved in and I even made a house for my husband. The trouble with Animal Crossing is that there are so many themes and so little space to put it all. It's a study in material culture for sure!

Pics and such )
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I passed level 100 a few weeks ago. Had I not had to restart three times prior, I'm sure I would be at level 400 :-D Right now the ad network is broken and I can't do much with the game as it crashes constantly.

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I have to say, if you value your free time, do not download Crossy Road. Part Frogger, part Flappy Bird and 100% time suck, this disarmingly charming mobile game is sadistic in it's addictive design.

The rewards come easily at first, then longer, and of course you can buy the sprites. Some don't do much, but others reward with a little animation, funny sound or action. The mad wizard sets trees on fire, the celebrity is hounded by paparazzi, the unihorse leaves a rainbow trail, the leprechaun has a demented giggle and so on. The only redeeming level is the Pac Man one!

But there's another reason to avoid Crossy Road - on Android at least, it's a huge resource hog and uses a lot of data. When I tried to play it with data disabled, it simply crashed. I ended up uninstalling it on my phone and reinstalling it on my tablet, which stays at home. Probably a good thing!

calzephyr: (yay) know how you don't have a hope of winning anything at online games because there's always someone out there stuffing the top ten or cheating? The FIM game has a special community "clear the skies" game. The best I can do is about 658 - there is a lot of luck in getting a high score. Well, near the end of last week's round, I scored 881, which put me at #8. I basked in the moment, then went to bed, figuring someone in a different time zone would knock me out. But they didn't :D Now I just hope that the game doesn't reset again. I lost my third game when my phone fried, and the cloud restore that GameLoft advertised does not work as promised! I guess I stick with it because of the cheery graphics and music :)

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There was no happier person than I (well, just maybe) when Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition was released on Android. It had been available for iOS for some time, and I kept checking the way any fan does. Like so many other fans, I have a deep love for Baldur's Gate, akin to having an all time favourite book. That really is what it is - a never ending Choose Your Own Adventure book with fan made mods out the wazoo. Endless possibilities! So much love went into the making of the game that it transcended itself. For some people anyway!

It's crazy to think that a game that came on five CDs now fits in my hands. My first play through took significantly less time - the original game had a bug where the party speed was extremely slow - but I was surprised at how intensely I remembered every aspect of the game. I guess that's what happens when you spend two hours every night for a year devoted to something. Oh, and my computer wasn't exactly blazingly fast twelve years ago either. Out of nostalgia I picked Khalid, Jahiera, Minsc, Dynaheir and Imoen for my party.

I can't tell you what is exactly new about BGEE, except that four new NPCs were added along with an add-on arena game called The Black Pits. The cut scene movies have been changed to look less 1998. There are still some slight bugs, like Korgan's unfinishable quest and that annoying way parties have trouble entering doors. But these are small problems compared to having the game again. I always meant to mod up and play a second time, but never really had the time to do so. The pull to keep the same party was so strong.

Now I am on my second play through with an evil PC. Evil is pretty hard to do, because turning down noble deeds means a loss of experience. People generally don't like you. I am also pretty sure that my goody two shoes chaotic good half elf got a bigger monetary reward for clearing the mines! It would seem that my PC is the margarine of evil. Anyway, I have Kivan, Imoen, Branwen, Xan and Rassad in my party. Rassad is one of the new NPCs and all right. I get a kick out of him because he always says "I will show you great justice!" when attacking anything, even if it's something harmless. If it wasn't for the little things like that, the game would be way too serious :)
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So I play Words with Friends (look me up - purplepony775!) and I have found someone that I really love love love playing with. Our styles are very similar. I lost the last game and started a rematch with zir. These were my letters:


At first I was going to make muting to get the double word score, and then I thought, oh what the heck, and made munting, not expecting it to mean anything. Ping! 65 points.

What's munting? I doodle around on my phone. It seems to be a Filipino word, so I sit down to do some heavy searching. When the Urban Dictionary definition came up, I just about died:

A variation of necrophilia involving two live people and one dead semi-decomposed corpse.

Oh man! If my WwF partner is as wordy as me, ze will look it up too. So I try looking up munt. Again Urban Dictionary had an answer:

verb. australian slang. to vomit.

Ooohkay...other results are not much better. Munt is also apparently a racial slur. Munted?:

— adj
1. (of an object) destroyed or ruined
2. (of a person) abnormal or peculiar
3. informal drunk or intoxicated

Finally, finally, I find the realest definition I'm going to find ever on Anagrammer:

noun - a dividing strip for window panes

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I was all set earlier to make a post about Dungeon Hunter 3 and my progress in the game, when, horror of horrors, Muffin deleted my game. Yup, that's what you get when you leave your tablet on! He must have walked all around the start menu, licked "Characters" and then stepped on the delete button. I just could not believe it! I restarted the game, restarted the level 60+ warrior lass was gone for good! Muffin!!!

We're all used to losing data in the digital age, but some losses are a little more devastating and personal than losing your wallet. There were all the hours spent dutifully levelling up my lady, slicing baddies in half with her flaming axe of justice. All those glops she stomped on in her sensible, mid-riff covering armour. Why couldn't Muffin have stepped on the male character I made just to get the opposite gender achievement? Of course not! I decided to start playing Dungeon Hunter 4 instead, because the prospect of starting over from scratch was just too much. I had planned to start it when I finished Dungeon Hunter 3, and I had less than a quarter to go. Unfortunately, I don't have much to say about Dungeon Hunter 4. It's very much like the first one, and while you get a helper fairy, you don't get to see are just constantly replaying familiar quests and the world is not as open ended as it seems. One would think that it would be more fun than a chore based hack and slash, but the art wasn't as good and the absence of story in Dungeon Hunter 3 was more imaginative than the thin story in the new game.

So I took another look at Dungeon Hunter 3 and realized, to my relief, all the armour, fairies and skills I had acquired were still there. They had just all been reset to zero. So I made a new female character, suited her up and got back to the business of killing mercs, trolls, werewolves, bugs, gargoyles and glops. That it was not a total loss cheered me - because now I could spend my loot on levelling up skills instead of acquiring armour. After a solid month, I'm up to level 38 and am just about at the halfway mark.

I would still love a spiritual successor for Baldur's Gate or Planescape:Torment on my tablet, but as far as I know, it doesn't exist. But that's a job for The Question Club!
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The past couple of years have been too busy for me to indulge in hidden object games, but I didn't hesitate to buy the latest Mystery Case Files. They are the creme de la creme of hidden object games...or at least they were.

Proving that people love sequels, the game revisits the demented world of Madame Fate's cursed carnival. Of course the villain is someone who would rather build elaborate traps instead of just getting on with his evil plan already. The first half of the game was great, then a twist was thrown in, and then the last quarter was simply matching random things to find what triggered the next action. The plot was totally gone by then. Weak storytelling is not a hallmark of this series :/ I  would rather have a smartly written game than trying to extend the game play with puzzles around every corner. No one likes going on FedEx quests :/

The game did contain a good amount of "super puzzles" found in previous MCF games, but the HOG puzzles were weak. The artwork was poor in comparison to Return to Ravenhearst and Dire Grove, and the style made it look just like any other Russian or Chinese produced game (in fact it was produced by a Russian studio). Gone are the chilling atmospheric sound effects. I'm guessing Big Fish no longer has their own design studio, and they did have layoffs this past summer.

I bought the collector's edition, which comes with the walk through built in. The bonus content was pretty good, which included solitaire (based on cards found in the game) that earned money to buy things for the helper pet, Madame Fate's cat Isis. Isis can be used to fetch things in the game. Helper pets are common in other games, and as delightful as it was, it's not something I would like to see in future MCF games. What really made MCF different was the humour and continuity between games, as well as that little extra on the graphics.
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Unrest is simmering in Ponyville as citizens learned that their town is facing a 800,000 bit deficit. Mayor Mare called for calm as she explained that Canterlot would not be bailing out the beleaguered town. "We have been told that it is a municipal concern, not a federal one. We borrowed more than we can pay back for rebuilding Ponyville."

As a result, shops will be shutting down and ponies retrained as part of the municipal action plan. The list of buildings and businesses include the day spa, ice cream parlor and carrot farm.

Cutie Mark Crusader Apple Bloom couldn't hold back tears as their lemonade stand was shuttered and sold for scrap. "That lemonade stand was all we had to fund our activities. How are we gonna get our cutie marks now?"

Local school teacher, Cheerilee, on the other hand, was relieved to see that the school was not on the chopping block. "Usually education is the first thing to be cut when a new budget comes down, but the fillies and colts are really good at making globes, which we export to Cloudsdale, Manehattan and other parts of Equestria."

Meanwhile, Ponyville faces another, more pressing problem - Nightmare Moon. Five of the six harmony stones have been activated, but it is not known when the sixth, the element of magic, will be ready. Only nine of the one hundred and fifty magic shards needed have been collected. Twilight Sparkle is at a loss to explain why. "If we can collect one shard a week it will take three years to defeat Nightmare Moon!" a hysterical Twilight Sparkle was heard to say just before her spokesdragon, Spike, said she would be unavailable for further comment.


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