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Something neat I found at the antique mall, but didn't buy. She was $10 as is and there's actually a big spot of pony cancer on the leg I'm holding. Apparently pony cancer can spread, so I really didn't want her around, sadly. To be honest, I thought she was a fakie, but she's actually called Princess Royal Purple and from year 9. The eyebrows were badly mashed and fuzzed up, so much so that again I thought it was something someone had glued on for fun. Too bad! According to the MLP Collector group on FB, she may have been a little overpriced for the condition. Click for larger!

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Livejournal recently had a Writer's Block question about things people collect...well, as you might have seen from my YouTube videos, I collect model horses. Many people think at first that model horses are like model cars, and while some people do enjoy repositioning, rehairing and repainting models, most of mine are straight out of the box!

In fact, I just unboxed this beautiful silver fella, Esprit, Breyer's 2010 World Equestrian Games model. I only get a couple of new models every year nowadays - with over 300 Breyer and Peter Stone horses, so space is a bit of a premium!

One of the many facets of showing model horses is photo showing. This is where you take pictures of your horse, find a show to enter (either online or snail mail) and wait for the results. They are fun to enter and I used to be really into it! I had a really poor camera though - an Olympus Mini. Now I have a great camera and no enthusiasm for photoshowing. Go figure!

I love Esprit so much that I just had to take some pictures and this one was my favourite.
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I finally got around to watching a movie that I won at a model horse show last year - "The Princess Stallion". It's quite an unremarkable movie, but decent family fare for children that love horses. It's about a California teenager who, after her mother dies, goes to live with her father in Scotland. She discovers a stallion (with stallion bits too - I'm a stickler for accuracy ;-)) who loosely corresponds to an old legend about a "Princess Stallion" who waits for a princess every morning. I'll definitely be passing it on to another model horse show to be further enjoyed. The most interesting part for me is that the father, played by David Robb, is a mainstay in British television and voices Sirius Black in the Harry Potter video games.


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