Jun. 7th, 2017 12:47 pm
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I watched Riverdale in April because it came highly recommended by my friend. I was so unimpressed after the first episode. It was a weird blend of the Twilight movies in style and Twin Peaks in story. The acting was also really really bad! Maybe it was the cognitive dissonance of a gritty reboot of squeaky clean Archie - really! Is nothing sacred? - but eventually the plot and Riverdale's dirty secrets drew me in along with the conspiracy theories. The acting also did get better after the first few episodes.

I think the show did a good job of getting down to the gap between the worlds of teenagers and adults and did so in a very contemporary way whether it's that Betty takes ADHD medication or that Jughead comes from a broken home. It's not an adult's version of high school which a lot of youth oriented shows seem to resemble. Just that there is a diverse cast is amazing in itself!
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I have been prepping for another craft show and it involved a lot of mundane stuff - labelling cards, packaging cards, sealing card envelopes, etc etc. One can only watch so much of The Vampire Diaries and 80s cartoons on Netflix before you just want something different and I was so intrigued to see Spirit Riding Free pop up. If you haven't watched it, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is a 2002 feature length animated movie starring Matt Damon as Spirit. I think it's one of the few movies to feature horses...there might be an animated Black Beauty somewhere, but if there is, I haven't watched it. There is very little connection to the movie other than it is set in the West, has a horse named Spirit and...yeah, that's about it. The reaction to the series has been quite passionate - my favourite was a FB comment that went something like "Young girls shouldn't fantasize about riding stallions" to folks posting long YT rants. It would be nice if they did make a sequel to Spirit, but I'm not sure how it could be done since movie Spirit's story is more or less complete.

I whipped through all six available episodes. My first instinct was that the animation looked really bad and cheap, but Aunt Cora won me over with her line "Why is everybody hugging? I haven't finished yelling yet!" in the first few minutes. The series starts out with Fortuna - Lucky to her friends and family - returning to the town where her father and mother met. Lucky's mother died somehow and the only clue we get is that she was a circus performer or trick rider. Eventually the animation grew on me because there were moments where it came across as beautiful. I think the lighting might be inconsistent.

Lucky soon makes friends with Pru and Abigail as she learns to ride a horse and adapt her city ways to country life. Although the stories aren't too in-depth, they are adventure packed and isn't just for girls. I laughed a lot, especially episode 6 where the girls plan a surprise party for Pru and it all goes sideways. I think it's exciting that there's a diverse cast too! Abigail is my favourite character because she's so sweet and innocent and tries to be a peacekeeper, but she's no doormat either. I'm looking forward to more of this series and maybe will pick up a toy or two.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm embarrassed to say that I have never seen all three original Star Wars movies from beginning to end, and it's a longer story, but Star Wars was one of those things I was discouraged from liking.

Star Trek, on the other hand, was always on TV and my brother and I watched it a lot. We loved it. I loved the action and stories and how the crew always solved the problem in the last ten minutes of the show. Star Trek always seemed to have more interesting characters and ideas...but...at the same time, I only care for classic Trek and the newer movies. The newer TV shows just never resonated with me. They are so boring!

Mr. Show

Mar. 12th, 2011 08:55 pm
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When Mr. Show 1st and 2nd seasons showed up on the free pile at work I felt quite lucky to grab it; after three episodes for, I wish I had never picked it up. It simply is not funny. I love David Cross, but ugh, Mr. Show just comes off as a bad imitation of Kids in the Hall with poor timing, a lack of nuance and plain annoyance. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have liked it as a teenager - the show screams 1990s. Maybe in later seasons they got better, but I'm definitely not going to spend money to find out :-D
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That would have had to be a Murder She Wrote marathon on A&E a few years ago. It lasted ten hours...I couldn't take the theme music by the 8th hour!

We haven't had TV service for over a year now because we couldn't justify the cost of something we used so little. Instead, we get movies or TV shows from the library or Zip.ca. I just bought the first season of Hawaii 5-0, which we love for the lack of technology and evil villain Wo Fat, so I expect that will be our winter watching.


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